Morris Architects creates buildings and interiors that combine art and function



Multi-Family Residential

From townhouses to high-rises, we have designed multi-family residential projects that always remember that we are creating a home.


We have designed buildings and interiors for companies large and small, including several offices for Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and the headquarters for the medical devices division of AstraZeneca. For companies like IBC Advanced Materials, Astra Tech and KaZaK, we have designed high technology industrial facilities.

dining and Hospitality

We have designed restaurants and hotels that provide comfort and joy for their patrons. Our work has included the Oxford Street Grill (now the Blue Ox), Fabyan's Landing, and the forth-coming Palette. 

national security

We have extensive experience designing secure facilities, including SCIF's, to the exacting standards of the CIA and NSA. Unfortunately, our work for companies like BAE Systems, Polaroid Corporation, Arthur D. Little, KaZaK, IBC Advanced Materials and Systems Technology and Research, Inc. must remain secret. We can, however, apply the lessons of that work to your secure project.